Meet Bryan

In January 1998 Bryan the youngest child of Brian and Donna Lawrence complained of headaches. After several visits to the family doctor, this seven-year-old was scheduled for an MRI. By late July 1998, Bryan was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor. He underwent brain surgery in August, followed by radiation, and chemotherapy, which lasted through January 2000. Throughout this period Bryan maintained good grades in school and stayed active in most of the sports he loved so very much.

The family thought their problems were over, However, in July 2000 Mom and Dad family was informed that Bryan’s cancer was out of remission. It was a devastating blow, a family’s worst nightmare. Bryan started the second round of radiation and chemotherapy. In January 2001 Bryan’s Doctors explained that Bryan’s cancer was not responding to treatments, and recommended that our family and friends spend some quality time with Bryan. As a family, we could not sit back and accept that news. We explored some very costly alternative cancer treatments that were ultimately unsuccessful. On April 11, 2001, Bryan passed away at home with his family in attendance.

Throughout his short life, Bryan expressed a spirit worthy of remembering and celebrating. Our goal is to assist other families experiencing similarities of childhood cancer fostered by the spirit of love that Bryan M. Lawrence has shown the world.